steamgirl kato drawing sketch elf elven fantasy art photography beautiful sexy alluring seductive beauty art illustration lotr

An Elven Seductress and the Sword of the King


Elves, swords and kings… Staples of fantasy

The past couple of weeks have been more hectic and upside down than they usually are, which is saying something; between the massively unsociable hour shifts I work and decorating/upheaval going on at home; art life and blog posts have been a bit of a mythological prospect.

However, there hasn’t been total radio silence on the artwork front.

bilbo baggins ink drawing the road goes ever on jrr tolkien hobbit lotr lord of the rings silmarillion

The Road Goes Ever On – Ink Drawing WIP

I have began work (and got considerably further since this photograph) on the final work up of ‘The Road Goes Ever On’. I really can’t wait to get this piece finished and off to the printers for the limited edition run of Giclees!

Another lovely bonus since my last post; and here’s where the Sword of the King mentioned in the title comes in, my Anduril replica arrived!

The perfect anniversary gift from my wife and something that I took great pleasure in hanging on the wall. Whilst not suitable for combat, it certainly makes for a beautiful display piece and a potential future prop for artwork.

Now, how about the Elven Seductress?

steamgirl kato drawing sketch elf elven fantasy art photography beautiful sexy alluring seductive beauty art illustration lotr

Elven Seductress – Charcoal on Canford Toned Paper

This is my newest finished artwork, it started out simply as a figure study but I decided to take it that step further and ended up with a resulting piece that I am happy with.

For those who may be interested, this original piece of artwork is for sale and you can buy it by Clicking Here. I can post to anywhere in the world with tracked postage and it will be posted in sturdy, secure packaging.

I am still intending to open an Etsy but I’m waiting until I have the prints for ‘The Road Goes Ever On’ as I wish to open a store with a choice of several different items.

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Until next time, farewell!


4 thoughts on “An Elven Seductress and the Sword of the King

    1. Pretty nice work I’m also a Glover I have a cousin Mike Glover we are from Canada regina Saskatchewan but absolutely obsessed with lord of the rings and Tolkien mike is maps timelines so I’m going to share this with him just kind of cool..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s incredible it’s always intriguing to hear of others and meet others of the same name, who knows, somehow distantly we may be related haha. Thanks for your comment and for sharing too, I’m also in Instagram – JGloverArt – 😁


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