Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXXII – The Corvids Assemble for War

Corvus - Graphic Novel - Art - Illustration - Drawing - Story - Web Comic - Fantasy - Folklore - History
The Corvids Assemble for War

The time had finally come. Preparations were being made. The war assembly was underway

Harfengel the Ravenking had all the Corvids getting ready and dressed for the grand exodus and battle that awaited them. Since the days of the Old Corvidae Empire, such a large Colony of Corvids had been unheard of.

Even now, on the day they were preparing to leave, more Corvids were arriving; Alwyn hatched a plan to leave a a handful of messengers for any late arrivals, they were to leave and fly for Treehold Keep as soon as any sign of the Darkness was apparent.

The Corvids donned their skull helms with pride, sharpened their beaks and hoped for safe passage to their new home…

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