Maiko Geisha Rear View Portrait – Oil on Canvas

Art depicting Geisha and Maiko is something that has drawn me in from the bustling county of Essex on the outskirts of London in the UK to explore the historical traditions of South-east Asia, Kyoto in Japan in particular. This oil painting is testament to that exploration and shows a rear-view portrait of a Maiko with emphasis on the hair and make-up.

Maiko - Geisha - Oil - Painting - Wall - Art - Print - Hair - Make up - London
Hanako – Geisha Portrait – Oil on Canvas

With this portrait being one of the posterior of the subject, the emphasis and expression could only be conveyed by the overall posture of her shoulders, the kanzashi worn and the folds of the kimono.

Working from this point of view allowed me to really get stuck into the hair and the kimono and to work on still suggesting the skin tones beneath the oshiroi (white powder) foundation.

As I keep reiterating throughout the posting of these pieces, I really can’t wait to compile the complete Geisha series into one page and write an in depth post, they have truly captivated both my imagination and my inspiration.

This Geisha project overall has given me a massive obsession with Japanese culture too, and I have a couple of exciting painting projects lined up that are inspired loosely by Geisha but more based around Japanese folklore and mythology; more news on that to come soon…

Maiko Geisha Rear View Portrait Oil Painting

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