About JGlover

Exploring worlds, telling stories. 

Those two elements drive my creative output day in, day out. They inform and inspire the artworks I create and give me the motivation to keep on taking step after step into the unknown.  

The firstborn son of a London vegetable merchant; I’m an artist that often leaves behind the comforts of my home and hearth in Basildon, Essex, venturing out on travels with not much more than a sketchbook and some pencils.

It’s the passion for thoughtful, imaginative storytelling that began my personal quest to explore worlds both real and imagined, through fantasy, geography, culture, and history. Learning of new stories and creating art and illustrations that capture a narrative.

An unending pursuit of creative inspiration guided by curiosity and a love of stories.

Have you ever wanted to explore worlds and tell stories? 

I invite you to join the journey, travelling to distant lands and discovering new people, cultures, landscapes, creatures, and ultimately, new stories.

My vision is to help storytellers in their quest, as well as helping those who want to tell stories but feel unable to find their inner storyteller and unlock the ability.

In order to achieve this vision, I guide storytellers in the art of capturing a narrative, by creating moments through visual storytelling and bringing the stories to life.

Whether the stories are from our own time, from ancient legends and myths or works of fiction and fantasy, I intend to continue bringing them to life in a visual format, creating, sharing and passing on the tales from generation to generation as has been the custom since the dawn of mankind.

I believe in making storytelling as an art form accessible and available to everyone, regardless of background or education.

The collaboration of the storyteller and the artist is a concept that excites and inspires me creatively and together the two can partake in a communion of storytelling, turning even the most well-known tales into enticing new worlds that offer the opportunity to share in the exploration, join the journey and become part of the story being told.

A lot of my work explores Japanese culture and I have created a series of Japanese Geisha Art; I have also visited the worlds of JRR Tolkien many times in order to create Middle-earth Art; occasionally too, I head to a Galaxy Far, Far Away to inspire me to make Star Wars Art

Although I love to explore real and imaginary worlds, fantasy realms and unknown lands afar, I also have a genuinely deep-rooted desire for hearing the stories of extraordinary everyday people, and bringing their stories to life through art and illustration.

I love to tell stories, but more than that, I love to bring the stories of others to life!

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Explore Worlds, Tell Stories.

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