About JGlover



I’m Josh Glover, an artist living in Basildon, Essex, just on the outskirts of London in the United Kingdom.

I am a specialist in Japanese Geisha Art, with a strong fascination with the culture and traditions of Japan and South-east Asia. I also create a lot of art inspired by JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z.

My personal quest is to explore the world metaphorically, geographically, culturally and historically; designing ideas and creating stories. This adventure motivates me and ignites my passion for thoughtful, imaginative storytelling.

Harnessing fine art, illustration and digital graphic design techniques coupled with a skillset gained from observation and from Studying the Masters I am constantly building upon a foundation of traditional methods in order to excel and fulfil my curiosity on this endless pursuit for knowledge.

The concept of the artist as a storyteller inspires me to use visual media to set a narrative and breathe life into the stories of our own time as well as the ancient legends that have been passed down from generation to generation.

I hope to leave a lasting impression upon those who partake in this communion of visual storytelling with the aim of the audience describing their experience to others, thus passing the tales on as has been the custom since the dawn of mankind.


Fine Art

Drawing – Pencil – Charcoal – Oil Painting – Painting – Figure – Portrait – Pet Portrait – Murals – Traditional Sign Writing


Drawing – Pencil – Charcoal – Ink – Sumi-e – Comic – Anime – Manga – Watercolour – Watercolor – Graphic Novel – Maps – Concept Art – Character Design – Book Covers – Chalkboards – Calligraphy


Graphic Design – Web Design – Infographics – Logo Design – Flyers – Banners/Headers – Video Editing


Photoshop – Illustrator – InDesign – DaVinci Resolve – Art History – Branding & Identity – Creative Direction – Colour Theory – Anatomy

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