About JGlover

Hello there,

I’m Josh Glover, an artist living and working in Basildon, Essex, just on the outskirts of London in the United Kingdom.

Have you ever wanted to explore worlds and tell stories?

I know I have, and that’s exactly what drives my creative output day in, day out.

My personal quest is to explore worlds both real and imagined; metaphorically, geographically, culturally and historically; finding creative inspiration wherever I can and telling the stories I hear along the way.

This journey motivates and ignites a passion in me for thoughtful, imaginative storytelling.

The concept of the artist as a storyteller, using visual media to set a narrative and breathe life into the stories of our own time as well as the ancient legends that have been passed down from generation to generation.

I invite you to join me on this journey throughout space and time, to find inspiration and to partake in this communion of storytelling, sharing and passing tales on as has been the custom since the dawn of mankind.

Explore Worlds, Tell Stories.

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