Japanese Geisha Art Prints

Buy Japanese Geisha Fine Art Prints and Geisha Wall Art From A UK Based Geisha Artist Specialist.

What is a Geisha?

The literal meaning of the word Geisha is “artisan”, or “performing artist”. Geisha girls had to live up to that title too, spending years training to gain mastery over a wide variety of art forms and practices. Not only did they have to master many arts such as playing traditional instruments, poetry and dance, they also had to perfect their techniques as hostesses, able to entertain and hold interest with conversation.

Another term for Geisha commonly used is Geiko, which literally means “woman of art” and is a term mainly used in Kyoto as part of the regional dialect there. It’s also worth noting that apprentice Geisha are known as Maiko which translates literally as “woman of dance”.

Below is the listing for my top selling Geisha wall art print, the emphasis on this portrait is the hair of the Geisha and the hair accessories, although listed as a Geisha, her makeup on the back of her neck actually suggests that she is an apprentice, or Maiko.

Maiko Hairstyle Geisha – Rear View Portrait – Fine Art Print

Inspired by the culture, traditions and history of the Geisha Girls of Kyoto, Japan.

– Size: 10″ x 8″

– Medium: Oil Painting

All artworks are shipped safely and in secure packaging.

Printed on Archival Fine Art Paper.

Free worldwide shipping from an Okiya in Kyoto, Japan.

Each Art Print is Hand-Signed

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