Pricing & Process

This Guide Will Give An Idea Of The Price Of JGlover’s Services & The Commission Process

Final Quote Will Depend On The Brief.

If You Want To Commission More Than One Artwork, Package Deals Can Be Made.

Fine Art

Drawings From £60.00
Based On 10″ x 8″

Paintings From £120.00
Based On 10″ x 8″


Ink From £45.00
Based On 5″ x 7″

Ink & Watercolour From £55.00
Based On 5″ x 7″

Geisha - Maiko - Painting - Illustration - Back - From Behind - Rear - Headwear - Hair - Style - Design

A Commissioned Painting Like This Would Be Priced At £120.00

A Commissioned Illustration Like This Would Be Priced At £55.00

Let’s Get Your Ideas Designed!

The Commission Process – How It Works

1. Preparation

Get In Touch
The initial stage of the entire process is you, the client, getting in touch and stating your desire to commission an artwork from myself.

We’ll discuss your idea and create a brief, this will include details such as the size, medium and subject matter of your idea. We’ll also define a time-frame and budget for the work.

Quote & Contract
Based on the brief, I will then come back to you with a quote and once agreed upon I’ll have a contract drafted and sent to you for signing.

Idea Generation
This is where the research and brainstorming begins on my part. I’ll get together a moodboard and some thumbnail sketches establishing the direction for the project to meet the criteria outlined in the brief.

2. Incubation

Initial Sketches
Once we have a solid creative direction established and agreed upon by all parties involved, the creative process can get underway. Using the brief, the moodboard and the favourite thumbnails, some small but detailed initial sketches will be created.

Feedback & Direction
The initial sketches will be sent to you for approval and you will make a choice for a final piece based upon those sketches.

3. Illumination

Idea Development
The choice you have made based on the initial sketches and moodboard is further developed and the “Eureka” moment is upon us; everything falls into place and we take the next step in the creative process.

A final design will be drafted and before fully rendering, feedback will be given from you as well as any tweaks or adjustments before completion of the artwork.

4. Verification

Sign Off
At this stage you sign off on the design that has been created for you and the contract is therefore fulfilled. The invoice for the remainder of the fee is sent to you to be paid for the release of the design.

Feedback & Share
You will be so overjoyed with your commission that feedback will be left of your experience and you would share this with others and recommend my services to your friends, loved ones and associates.

Keep In Touch
Staying in touch and connected is a great way to keep our relationship thriving, after carrying out such a creative work together it is always good to remain in contact.

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