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Kneeling Geisha Charcoal Drawing on Toned Paper

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I decided to kick this new year off by diving straight back into the Geisha theme that I’ve been working around over the past year. The first UK lockdown gave me the chance to really delve into Japanese culture and pore over various books, articles, blogs, etc. Studying the art, culture and history of Japan and much of Asia has well and truly captured my attention, and my imagination.

Sea of Japan – Charcoal – Sumi-e Style – Japanese Landscape Drawing – Traditional Art

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In light of getting myself stuck into Japanese culture and history as of late, working on my Geisha art project and working part time as a Sushi chef; I decided to venture into another area of Japanese tradition.

Sumi-e is the name given to a style of East Asian brush painting that uses black ink; this method was commonly employed by the master artists of the past in East Asian traditions to create calligraphy and landscapes drawings/paintings.

I absolutely love the look and feel of sumi-e landscape paintings and the atmosphere they evoke; I also love working with charcoal. That was enough reason for me to fuse the two things and work at creating a Japanese landscape piece that has a sumi-e look to it but the smoky, soft magic of a charcoal drawing.

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Geisha Girl Portrait II – Charcoal Drawing

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I met another Geisha girl…

What started out as a curiosity, or cultural fascination is slowly becoming a series of artworks, some completed already and plenty on the way. I have dived deep into the streets and tea houses of Kyoto, Japan on a journey of discovery and exploration.

I won’t spend too much time harping on for now as once the series wraps up, I’ll be making a full length post featuring all of the artworks.

For now I’ll just keep these posts as short musings.