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Princess Zelda – Charcoal Portrait Drawing – Fine Art – Illustration

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Continuing on with my Legend of Zelda miniseries, I decided to add a piece into the mix with more of a fine art vibe to it. So far I’ve worked up a few ink and watercolour illustrations with a few more planned, this piece however is a charcoal drawing; with the intention of later being an oil painting.

Let’s get straight to the artwork…

Maiko - Geisha - Oil - Painting - Wall - Art - Print - Hair - Make up - London

Maiko Geisha Rear View Portrait – Oil on Canvas

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Art depicting Geisha and Maiko is something that has drawn me in from the bustling county of Essex on the outskirts of London in the UK to explore the historical traditions of South-east Asia, Kyoto in Japan in particular. This oil painting is testament to that exploration and shows a rear-view portrait of a Maiko with emphasis on the hair and make-up.

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Geisha Girl Portrait II – Charcoal Drawing

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I met another Geisha girl…

What started out as a curiosity, or cultural fascination is slowly becoming a series of artworks, some completed already and plenty on the way. I have dived deep into the streets and tea houses of Kyoto, Japan on a journey of discovery and exploration.

I won’t spend too much time harping on for now as once the series wraps up, I’ll be making a full length post featuring all of the artworks.

For now I’ll just keep these posts as short musings.

Geisha Girl Portrait I – Charcoal Drawing

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Another one for the portfolio…

I’ve been working on a new series of fine art pieces for a Geisha series over the past week or two; in the beginning as a means of getting some sketchbook work done and then it progressed onto some sketches that I wanted to take into further development.

So here we are with one of the completed pieces for the series, a Geisha Girl portrait.