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What Does A Jawa Look Like Without A Hood?

Star Wars Art

What Does A Jawa Look Like Without A Hood?

Quite possibly the most frequently asked question when it comes to Jawas and the mysteries of the Star Wars universe, the question of what a Jawa looks like without a hood has plagued fans from all over the galaxy, and there’s no definitive answer that comes directly from Star Wars canon.

That little fact doesn’t stop creatives from imagining the answer though…

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Use Art Challenges To Find Creative Inspiration (Tips For Artists & Writers)

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Overcoming a creative block and finding inspiration can be a real challenge, there are many methods for finding the way out of a creative rut and in this article, we’ll take a look at how art challenges can be used to find creative inspiration. This isn’t only limited to drawing challenges or painting challenges either, we’ll also take a detailed look at some writing challenges for writers to find creative inspiration.

In recent years, mainly due to the mass connectivity afforded to us via social media and a healthy dose of positive peer pressure, creatives all around the world have been using art challenges as a way to boost productivity, level up their skills, develop positive habits and increase creativity. This is why they’ve become so popular, and numerous, and for as long as we have social media, I’m sure they’re here to stay.

Back to the subject of art challenges, some of the points we’ll look at throughout this article will be:

  • What is an art challenge?
  • Benefits of taking part in art challenges
  • How to find the best art challenges [Top 6 challenges for artists and writers]
  • Essential tools and equipment
  • Using an art challenge to inspire a new project

What is an art challenge?

An art challenge, or a writing challenge for that matter, is an event set up with the intent of encouraging creatives to step out of their comfort zone to do what they do best; creating.

Most art challenges will have rules and parameters in place to serve as an outline and a guide for the process. Most also have a social media community aspect to them.

Benefits of taking part in art challenges

There are so many benefits of taking part in art or writing challenges that they could be an article of their own, maybe one day we’ll get to that article and dig deeper. For the sake of this non-exhaustive list, however, let’s just examine 3 key benefits.

Overcome decision fatigue

It can be a challenge in itself at times to decide what to create, let alone how to go about getting it created; timeframes, medium, surface, concepts, etc, etc, etc… The beauty of taking part in an art challenge is that you don’t need to make any major decisions. The parameters are already set, all you need to do is work within those and find that elusive inspiration along the way.

Develop positive habits

It can be so easy to catch that snippet of spare time and think “ahh, I wonder what’s happening on [insert relevant social media channel], I’ll have a quick scroll of the news feed…” The next thing you know, spare time is gone and you didn’t create anything, and other than learning what a few people are having for dinner and who’s gone where on holiday, chances are your auto-pilot scrolling of social media was fruitless.

In contrast, however, by taking part in an art challenge you’ll get a major kickstart in developing a new, positive habit. It’s a lot like exercise, you can’t suddenly pluck the necessary time for going to the gym from nowhere, but if you build the habit incrementally, it will soon become part of your normal routine and before too long, you’ll be doing it automatically and without having to ‘make time’.

Connect with a community

One of the most effective ways to find inspiration is to connect with a community of other creatives. Creativity breeds creativity and as well as the encouragement you’ll find, a healthy sense of competition can also work wonders for overcoming creative blocks. Even if you take an art challenge out of the equation, we humans are social creatures and social media does offer a wealth of opportunities for connecting and networking with other creatives. Take advantage of the socialness of social media and leverage the communities out there to get inspired and encouraged.

How to find the best art challenges [Top 6 challenges for artists and writers]

There are so many different art challenges out there nowadays and the list is constantly growing. The best way to find art challenges new or old is to simply Google the term, or turn to social media. Be attentive to what other artists and writers are posting, many are usually taking part in some challenge or another.

Something worth remembering too is that you can use these challenges as inspiration or just take the points you like to create something new, you don’t have to wait for the exact timeline of the challenge either, although that will be the best way to get the community encouragement, you are ‘allowed’ to do Inktober in January, nothing bad will happen.

For the sake of keeping this list at a manageable size, I’ve chosen 3 of each of my favourite challenges for artists and writers.


Inktober is a month-long drawing challenge that was set up for improving skills and developing positive drawing habits. Every October there is a list of prompts to inspire each daily ink drawing. The community aspects of this challenge are mostly achieved through Instagram by using the appropriate hashtags, and by posting in the Facebook group. There is now a year-long version of this challenge, with a new prompt posted each week.

Jawa trading with Tusken Raider - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration -
23. Leak – A Jawa can sell a bucket of sand to a Tusken, even with a leak…

Character Design Challenge

Each month a theme is announced and an international community of artists of all levels get to work in designing a character based on the theme. There’s a Facebook group that allows some participants to share their results and you can also post your characters on Instagram and use the appropriate hashtags in order to be found by others taking part.

Character Design Challenge - Mushroom Warrior - Fantasy Art Illustration Drawing - Japanese Inspired Art
The prompt for this sketch was – Mushroom Warrior

Studying The Masters

The Studying The Masters community was founded as a place for artists, as students of the Old Masters to improve in skill and to also encourage each other to keep learning and growing, regardless of experience level. As well as a journey inside the masters’ minds, it’s also a great place to learn some general art tips and some noteworthy art history too.


Quite possibly the most-known of the writers’ challenges, the goal for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, is to end the month of November with 50,000 words of a brand-new novel. This international communal writing event has been at the centre of practice for many great writers and you’ll also find real-life places hosting events related to it in certain areas.

As a side note, there is also NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month for those of you who prefer to write poetry to novels.


Spoiler alert! The title is exactly what this creative writing challenge entails. The goal, every day during May and/or September to write a short story. This challenge is a great way to force your own hand at getting something on the page, also promoting positive writing habits in the process thereof.

As with the previous challenge, there is also a PoemADay variant of this challenge.

52 Week Short Story Challenge

If a short story each day seems too daunting, then this creative writing challenge may be more up your street. Of the 3 writing challenges, this one is certainly my favourite.

This challenge was born from a quote from author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury:

The best hygiene for beginning writers or intermediate writers is to write a hell of a lot of short stories. If you can write one short story a week — it doesn’t matter what the quality is to start, but at least you’re practicing, and at the end of the year you have 52 short stories, and I defy you to write 52 bad ones. Can’t be done. At the end of 30 weeks or 40 weeks or at the end of the year, all of a sudden a story will come that’s just wonderful.

Ray Bradbury

With no real rules or limitations and no requirements to publish what you do create, this personal writing challenge can be the perfect opportunity to get yourself writing and enjoying the craft with no obligations. Also, as with all the other challenges, there are online groups that can be found if you do want that community spirit and encouragement.

Bonus Idea – Create your own challenge

If none of those art or writing challenges appeals to you, or if you like different aspects of each, a smart option may be to create your own personal challenge and use that to find creative inspiration instead.

You could choose to keep it as a personal challenge, or package it up and promote it online and who knows, it may well be the next Inktober or NaNoWriMo.

Essential tools and equipment

One tool that can be used to great effect for artists and writers alike is Pinterest. Pinterest is in my opinion the greatest platform not only for finding inspiration but for categorising it and organising it in whichever way best suits your workflow.

I recently wrote an article about how to create inspiration boards and how to use Pinterest to find creative inspiration.

The most crucial tools

For artists – Pencil and paper.

For writers – Pencil and paper.

Whilst that may seem either basic or extreme, the truth is that at the root of your creativity you can express yourself with just those tools, anything more than that is a bonus and an advantage.

Using an art challenge to inspire a new project

The theme of this article is using art challenges to find inspiration, and there’s no better way to put that to use than a brand new project to sink your teeth into. Using myself and my own experience as somewhat of a case study, let’s take a look at my recent Inktober Star Wars Art Project – Life As A Jawa.

Jawa Survival Skills - Sun Compass - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration - Desert Survival
16. Compass – The latest in Jawa navigation technology, the stick compass…

I started the project with some clear goals in mind, I wanted to hit every daily prompt throughout the month, improve my storytelling both visually and in writing, putting thought into the captions, I also wanted to explore Jawas and create a body of sketches to serve as a foundation for some further exploration in more detail.

Overall I feel that I achieved the goals that I set myself and ultimately, I found a lot of creative inspiration for future projects, one of which I’m now in the planning stages for, striking while the iron is still hot.

Having goals set before I started helped me a lot with the art challenge, but even without clear goals, once you get stuck into a challenge and the creativity starts flowing, you’ll begin to spot plenty of opportunities for new projects and ideas.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think of art and writing challenges, do you think they’re helpful for finding creative inspiration?

Do you regularly take part in any particular challenges?

Which is your favourite challenge, have you created your own challenge?

Please feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch with me via email with your thoughts.

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Another great way to get inspired is to Join The Journey with me in exploring the art of storytelling; discovering new worlds, stories and techniques for capturing a narrative, creating moments and bringing stories to life.

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Jawa Survival Skills - Sun Compass - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration - Desert Survival

Life As A Jawa – The Inktober Star Wars Art Project

Art, Star Wars Art

Here we are with a new Star Wars art project…

Inktober has drawn to an end and wow, what a month it has been. A productive month indeed. I now have a whole new bunch of sketches to add to the ever-growing collection of Star Wars Art and it’s time to leave the Galaxy and head back home to the UK. It’s been fascinating to spend a month exploring Jawa life and culture, capturing them with ink drawings.

I have tried each year over the past 3 or 4 years to meet the Inktober challenge head-on and plough through it, but for one reason or another, I’ve never seen it through, something always comes up and gets in the way. This year, however, I made sure I got my planning and preparation done in advance and being prepared definitely helped.

It’s been great to get stuck into the medium too, creating such a large body of work using only ink (and gel pens) has given me the perfect opportunity to fall in love with the medium and get a better handle on using the brush pens in particular.

Life As A Jawa is merely the beginning of my explorations of Jawas, the Galaxy Far, Far Away, and drawing with ink.

Jawas in Tatooine carrying stuff - Ink drawing - Star Wars art

What Is Life As A Jawa?

Art, Star Wars Art

I’ve been fascinated by Jawas for a very long and since seeing them come back into the fore of pop culture thanks to The Mandalorian, I’ve been intending to understand what life as a Jawa is and to explore their culture and character in depth through the platforms of art and illustration.

I’ve also always wanted to participate in Inktober and successfully manage every day of the month-long drawing challenge, but I’ve never quite managed to succeed and pull it off.

My plan this year, is to tie my interests with my ambitions and use them to drive each other forward, partaking in and completing Inktober, whilst also kick-starting my exploration of Jawa life.

The series of sketches I create throughout the month will be loose, exploratory and experimental in nature, and the content will contain a few comedy elements too, this project overall will form the foundation for further exploration and later on, more detailed artworks.

Be sure to Join The Journey as I explore the world and culture of the Jawas and together, we can discover much more about these mysterious creatures from the galaxy far, far away…

What Is Inktober?

Created by artist Jake Parker, Inktober is a month-long drawing challenge with the aim of helping people to improve their skills and develop positive drawing habits.

Throughout the month of October, any participants create an ink drawing or sketch, following the daily prompt list and then posts the result online.

What Is Life As A Jawa?

Life As A Jawa is the title of my upcoming project that will dig into and explore the sorts of things Jawas get up to in their daily lives.

This project will begin October 1st and I’ll be releasing a brand new ink sketch every day for 31 days, all adhering to the prompts for Inktober 2021.

This project will contain comedy elements, a little horror and some sadness and will be presented as rough, loose ink sketches.

Materials I’ll Be Using

As tradition dictates, I’ll be working with Sakura ink brush pens throughout the entirety of this project. My underdrawings will be created in pencil which will later be erased.

My trump card, however, will be using gel pens to add a touch of colour here and there, this was inspired by a recent scribble session I had using gel pens on toned paper. 

Speaking of which, each of my Inktober sketches will be drawn onto Rembrandt tan toned paper. 

Drawing materials for inktober - sakura ink brush pens - gel pens - toned paper- photo
My weapons of choice for Inktober

My Approach To Inktober

In an ideal world, every piece would be a fully-fledged ink and wash drawing, highly detailed artworks that could be displayed as soon as they dried. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and creating one for each day, that approach wouldn’t be manageable so these are sketches.

Sketches that can quickly explore the form, capture the moment, and tell the story. 

I have treated the Life As A Jawa project s=in a similar way to a book illustration project; 31 stand-alone pieces that start with planning out the prompts and figuring out how I can tie them to my Jawa theme. 

Then drawing a series of thumbnails and scribbling ideas, solving problems such as simple ways to capture the forms of my subjects with ink.

The beauty with this project too is that although I’ve planned it out before diving into each sketch, it’s quite organic, I might think of a different angle for a prompt and then quickly change it up if it feels like a better fit.

A sketchbook photo of illegible thumbnails

Life As A Jawa Warm-Up Ink Sketch

Every project worth its salt must begin with a warm-up sketch, and Life As A Jawa is no exception.

Jawas in Tatooine carrying stuff - Ink drawing - Star Wars art
#LifeAsAJawa warmup sketch

Join The Journey On Instagram

Although I will post the results of the Life As A Jawa Inktober project here on my website, the main platform I’ll be using for the daily sketch posting will be Instagram.

Follow me on Instagram @JGloverArt 

7 Jawa Facts Every Star Wars Fan SHOULD Know

Star Wars - Facts About Jawas - Inforgraphic - JGlover Art - Essex - London - UK - Star Wars Artist

For a more detailed breakdown of these insights, take a look at my recent article 7 Jawa Facts Every Star Wars Fan SHOULD Know.

Collectable Limited Edition Art Print Coming Soon

When Inktober comes to an end and this part of my Life As A Jawa project comes to an end, I will then be working on a much more detailed ink and wash drawing that explores the concept further, and in more depth.

This piece when it’s finished will be released as an exclusive art drop as a collectable limited edition print, in a run of art prints limited to 20 prints.

Be sure to subscribe below in order to be the first to hear about this exclusive Star Wars art drop.

Exploring A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Equipped with my pencils, charcoal and brushes, I regularly set out on long journeys into the galaxy and I always return with a new selection of Star Wars artworks, and I love to share the beauty!

Join Me In Exploring A Galaxy Far, Far Away And Never Miss A New Artwork.

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Toy photography two jawa figures from star wars JGlover art - Essex London UK

7 Jawa facts every Star Wars fan SHOULD know

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Hello and welcome, or more appropriately in Jawaese; M’um m’aloo!

When it comes to Star Wars and the different creatures and species of the galaxy far, far away; Jawas are one of the most mysterious, curiosity-arousing and secretive of all the races in the universe.

These rodent-like natives to the desert planet of Tatooine certainly hold a surprising amount of mystery and there is no question bigger than “What do Jawas look like under the hood?” but once you start digging, that’s not the only unknown part of their culture.

With this article, however, it seemed worthwhile to dig into 7 Jawa facts every Star Wars fan should know, and if you didn’t already, here’s 7 quick-fire facts that you can use to show off your deeper knowledge of Jawas, Star Wars and the mysteries of the universe…

  1. No one knows what Jawas look like without robes
  2. Jawas use scent as part of their communication
  3. Each year there is a gathering of the Jawa clans
  4. Sandcrawlers are not made by Jawas, they are scavenged vehicles
  5. Jawas live mostly in desert fortresses, not in Sandcrawlers
  6. “Utinni” is an exclamation of surprise
  7. Jawas rarely carry any weapons
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Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working, Drawing Or Painting

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The idea behind this article is one that has been rattling around in my planned posts pool for quite some time. Every single time I grab the pencils, inks or paints, I simultaneously select a podcast to listen to while I work and get settled into the process.

Podcast statistics show that in 2020 there were over 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million individual episodes, that statistic tells us that there is a lot of choice. In fact, in preparation for this post I ended up going down a vast network of rabbit holes and diving into some powerful podcast statistics.

Now you might be looking for a great podcast to listen to while you’re at work or being creative and have different tastes to mine, I have prepared this piece to appeal to a few different subjects; after all chances are that if you have ended up on my website, we have some shared interests. I’ve diligently filtered the over 850,000 active podcasts down to four of my favourite go to listens.

jawas - star wars - the mandalorian - baby yoda - disney - illustration - oil painting - art

Jawas on Tatooine – Star Wars – Oil Painting



I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember, the OT was finished up almost a decade before I was born and I was born into a Star Wars household.

My favourite creatures from the Star Wars universe are without a doubt, Jawas. Ironically, I didn’t realise this until the release of the Mandalorian and seeing the Jawas again but in a different context, the nostalgia value hit high.

This in turn inspired me to want to turn out some Jawa themed artworks, this post here shows the first which is a bit of a character study style piece; made with the intention to inform a small series of future Jawa paintings that will have a different look to them to this one.

May The Fourth Be With You! Live Streams, New Art & A Star Wars Art Sale!

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Happy Star Wars Day!

As I write this post, it’s now quite late into Star Wars day for me here in the UK, however, it’s been a great one, probably my best yet and it will continue much into the weekend for me; lockdown is a great excuse for binging!

Let’s begin this post with a new artwork I’ve completed –

jawas - tatooine - star wars - illustration - art - charcoal - drawing

Jawas on Tatooine – Charcoal

I recently undertook and completed this charcoal drawing to serve as a preliminary for a new oil painting, a May the Fourth special which also served as the subject for a live stream (more on that in a bit).

I’ve always had an odd obsession with Jawas and I’ll be doing some more Jawa based artworks in the future so this is just the beginning. In later piece I intend to put more emphasis on the landscape narrative whereas this piece is more of a character portrait.

This original drawing is currently available to buy with a 25% discount and free worldwide p&p – Just Click Here.

star wars - the mandalorian - the child - baby yoda - drawing - art - illustration - sketch - sketching - sketchbook

‘The Child’ – Mandalorian Original Art Sketch Giveaway – Star Wars Baby Yoda Illustration

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Greetings All, From A Galaxy Far Far Away…

I recently worked up a little 5″ x 7″ sketch of ‘The Child’ from the recent ‘The Mandalorian’ TV series set in the Star Wars Universe, or should I say, Galaxy…

From the off, I decided that I’d use this new artwork to run an Instagram based giveaway for my followers and new followers alike.


All you need to do from here is click the image above and that should take you to my Instagram page and from there you can make your entry for a chance or two to win my original drawing of ‘The Child’.

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How did we get into this mess - C-3PO & R2D2 Land on Tatooine - Watercolour Sketch - Star Wars Art Illustration - WIP winsor newton cotman watercolor

The Watercolour Sketch Series – Part I

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Memory Lane has been a popular destination of late…

Over the past few weeks I have been working up a series of watercolour sketches, it wasn’t really intentional, just a quick little bit of doodling some mornings before work and it soon became a part of an occasional routine.

Serving as the inspiration behind these sketches, i have been using nostalgia as a vehicle to take me down Memory Lane and revisiting iconic characters/scenes/stories from my childhood.

I have every intention of continuing this series and I have a ton of inspiration to draw from and endless artworks to create for this series. Star Wars for instance will be revisited several times, as will many of the other ones!

Anyway, let’s get into the artworks –