Studying The Masters – Test Blog Post

Hello and welcome to Studying The Masters.

I have started this community as a place both for myself to improve my skills and to also encourage learning and growth amongst fellow artists; students and professionals alike. I intend for this to be the beginnings of a community of like-minded individuals with a passion to learn the skills and techniques of our forebears and to also learn more about art history in general.

This space is one that will thrive on communication, friendly critiques and encouragement, a space to build one another up in the arts, sharing knowledge as well as comments and insights.

Predominantly this platform will best serve those who are striving to study the works of the Old Masters; examining their techniques and the way they overcame problems. However, I would like this space to inspire and inform all aspects of the arts: poets, actors, dancers, writers, etc. Whatever the branch of the artistic spectrum, please feel free to chime in and offer a response to the studies and artworks that are put out.

Recommendations of artworks to study, research and find out more about are always welcome, feel free to become a part of this community of artists and help bring the Old Masters back to life!

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